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Best Spanish-Language Journalist Phoenix 2012 - Maritza Lizeth Felix

These are the best of times to be a Spanish-speaking journalist in Arizona — what with Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio, and the rest of the pro-SB 1070 crew still hanging around. Felix has uncovered so many good yarns that she practically swept the Arizona Press Club's contest for Spanish-language newspaper reporting at this year's awards banquet. Her piece on so-called "anchor babies" was a beauty, as was her sage commentary on the terrible truth that simply being an undocumented immigrant has been a death sentence in Arizona for so many. Her work on the Gabby Giffords shooting also was admirable. Felix is so good that some of us gringos just might take a night class and bone up on español so that we won't need a translation.

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Maritza Felix  es una persona con un don para comunicar especial, ella es especial, felicidades


@TheDaisyPrado @phoenixnewtimes muchas gracias Daisy! No me lo esperaba y fue una super grata sorpresa :)