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Best TV Newscaster Phoenix 2012 - Kari Lake at Fox 10 News

Readers' Choice: Mark Curtis

We previously honored this veteran Phoenix journalist's longtime 9 p.m. co-anchor, John Hook, and now it's Lake's turn in our spotlight for three simple reasons: consistency, a natural curiosity, and a direct and concise way of explaining things. And she's on Fox News, no less, a network known to squishy liberal types for slanting the news to fits its preordained political point of view. Lake knows the Valley, having been a TV "personality" here for going on two decades. We wish that her employer would unshackle her for more projects, like the half-hour special she wrote and anchored a few years ago on landmine removal efforts in Cambodia. We can't remember the Phoenix connection to the mini-documentary, but Lake did a great job on it, so what the hell.

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I think Hook and Lake make a good combination...I enjoy listening to them on the 9PM news...Kari deserves some recognition...she is good!!!