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Best Wine Bar Phoenix 2012 - Sun Devil Cellar and Pub

Sun Devil Cellar and Pub

Sun Devil Cellar and Pub

235 N. Country Club Drive

Mesa, AZ 85201


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Head down the stairs at Sun Devil Liquors in Mesa and you'll be greeted by an unlikely sight, the Sun Devil Cellar and Pub. Navigate the bottles of aged wine and push past the plush curtains and you'll find a tiny nook of seclusion. Maybe a pianist tickles the black and white keys of a piano, or maybe there's just mellow sound drifting over the system, but either way, the quiet, dark basement feels wholly removed from the clinking bottles of microbrew upstairs. Order a glass of the Upper Cut '07 Cabernet Sauvignon and take a second to appreciate the fact that your phone's not getting any reception.

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