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Best Carne Asada Phoenix 2013 - Ta' Carbon, The Real Mexican Grill

Ta\' Carbon, The Real Mexican Grill

Ta' Carbon, The Real Mexican Grill

2929 N. 43rd Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85019


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The carne asada from Ta' Carbon is pretty amazing. Grilled to perfection, lightly marinated, and with just the right amount of coarse salt, the beef is sizzled over a charcoal fire, a method most asada aficionados consider ideal. You hardly could be blamed for watching it cook behind the counter, its smoky, meaty aromas finding their way to your nose before you've even had a chance to fill up your plate with diced onions, cilantro, Mexican limes, sliced marinated carrots, and salsas from the condiment bar. When it's ready, it comes with a tortilla, atop tacos, or however you wish, really. Want an ice-cold Mexican soda to wash it down with? You bet you do.

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