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Best Farmers Market, Scottsdale Phoenix 2013 - Singh Farms

Singh Farms

Singh Farms

8900 E. Thomas Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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If you step into Singh Farms' Saturday market and are instantly filled with a sense of childlike whimsy, don't be alarmed. This market and farm easily could be dubbed the most delightful and magical place to buy local produce in the Phoenix area, with its large teapot sculptures, charming log cabin-style shop, and exquisite pink flowers guarding rows of planted veggies. But if super-fresh produce isn't your thing (you crazy so-and-so), then try out some French-tastic pastries and cuisine made by Chef Aurore de Beauduy of Vogue Bistro. Lavender shortbread, perfectly spiced lentil soup, delicate croissants, and peach bread pudding are just some of the delights in store for you if you drop in, but be warned: Singh Farms feels more like a vacation than a grocery store, and that transportation to a simpler time in a more fruitful place might just make you never want to leave.

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