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Best Graffiti Artist Phoenix 2013 - NAIM

Readers' Choice: Lalo Cota

As with most graffiti writers (at least those who choose to keep a low profile and stay out of trouble), the artist who goes by NAIM manages to keep his identity secret, his signature well known, and his NAIM — er, name — hard to forget.

You might have seen NAIM's four-letter autograph painted in thick white letters on an industrial building off Loop 202 in Tempe or dripping with decorative, painted icicles on the back of a billboard. He's collaborated with local artists and has brought up a number of emerging writers in the community. NAIM's work is often massive, eye-catching, and in spots not many graffiti writers dare to reach, and if you pay close enough attention, you'll start to see his name just about everywhere.

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Who else was on the ballot.... I didnt see much from naim in 2013.. Maybe 2012