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Best Hot Dog Phoenix 2013 - Short Leash Sit . . . Stay

Short Leash Sit . . . Stay

Short Leash Sit . . . Stay

110 E. Roosevelt St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Readers' Choice: Ted's Hot Dogs

In July, hot dog heaven came to the Valley and stayed put when Short Leash Hot Dogs, Brad and Kat Moore's venerable food truck — featuring gourmet hot dogs wrapped in a warm naan "bun" — found a permanent doghouse on Roosevelt Row. Now, along with signature dogs topped with ingredients like roasted green chiles, mango chutney, and Cracker Jack, frank fans can order up premium creations stuffed with jalapeño and cheddar, slow-cooked in beer, and topped with creamy mac and cheese. There's also craft beer and wine to wash 'em down with. Everyone's a wiener.

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Well one sure way to win is to ban all the other decent trucks from your events.