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Best Mural Phoenix 2013 - Rebecca Green's Storybook Mural on The Lodge

When Rebecca Green's work started popping up around Phoenix, we knew the art scene was in for a treat. The illustrator and painter is from Michigan, but when she landed in Phoenix, she took the local art scene by storm, showcasing work at The Lodge on Grand Avenue as well as GROWop Boutique and Palabra on Roosevelt Row.

In March, the artist took to the outside of her resident gallery, The Lodge, with an enchanted scene of a girl holding a book surrounded by woodland creatures. The setting is awesome, the detail is incredible, and the mysterious sense of nostalgia and magic Green manages to fold into her characters is downright inspiring. This summer Green took off for, um, greener pastures — Denver, to be exact — but not before showing a lovely "farewell" exhibition. We can only hope she'll grace the city with another large-scale fairy tale when she comes back to visit.

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