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Best Nail Art Salon Phoenix 2013 - Terés


7120 E. Indian School Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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Let's get real. You're never going to get through your list of Pinterest to-dos. Nobody has the time to stencil cat patterns on her walls, make a lampshade from old dishtowels, and paint intricate patterns on her fingernails. And that's a-okay. Because nobody in town does nail art better than Scottsdale nail bar Terés. Whether you want each nail to resemble a tiny watermelon slice or a reverse glitter fade is more your style, the nail techs at this salon pride themselves on creativity. Heck, they even post their coolest hand creations on Instagram to inspire — and maybe show off a little, too. And don't worry about keeping track of your favorite colors and combos. The salon keeps track of all the manis you've had, from single-tint plain-Jane projects to arty gel works, on a bar tab-style card that ensures you'll never have to worry over remembering the colorful name of your favorite shade.

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I have been looking to get my nails done for a while now.  Typically I have always done one color on my nails at any given time.  Recently, I saw this lady with crazy looking designs on her nail.  What is that process, or style called?  It would be fun to get my nails multicolored. 

schultzybeckett topcommenter

One of the hottest trends right now, thanks to actress Blake Lively, is "velvet nails." Lively wore the look at her wedding in 2012. The "crushed velvet" look can be bold and fun in a bright green or subtle and classic in pale pink or white.It's easy to create by just applying a couple of layers of polish matching the flocking powder. You can then simply brush away the remnant power and enjoy. Just be careful not to get oils or lotions on the nails. Getting them wet is fine, but oils and lotions will not completely dry. The look is usually good for a few days, which makes it perfect for a special occasion.If you're looking to go bold, you can get all sorts of designs on your nails, anything from animal prints to stripes, hearts and beyond.