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Best Neighborhood Pizza, Southeast Valley Phoenix 2013 - Big Boy's Pizza

Big Boy\'s Pizza

Big Boy's Pizza

1731 W. Baseline Road

Mesa, AZ 85202


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Husband-and-wife team Dennis and Vickie Heath like their pizzas big. How big? Along with the standard 14-, 16-, and 18-inch pies, this friendly Mesa joint features a 28-inch monster nearly the size of a kiddy pool. Then there are the three-buck slices, which are more like pizzas shaped like a slice and served with their own pizza cutter. Sure, it ain't the gourmet stuff; but with a crispy, not too chewy, and nicely seasoned homemade crust, signature sauce, and fresh toppings, we're not complaining — we're goin' supersize.

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I've been a huge fan of Jimmy and Joe's Pizzaria around the valley, but Big Boys has definitely earned this award.  Their slices are XL, but the crust and and ingredients used are spectacular!  I hope this award will give them the fame they need to expand from their tiny corner store to out and about PHX soon! :)