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Best New Music Venue Phoenix 2013 - The Western - CLOSED

The Western

The Western

6830 E. 5th Ave.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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We've heard The Western's ambiance described as "honky-tonk bar and restaurant without the Disney-esque trappings" of a honky-tonk bar and restaurant, which is exactly how it'll charm you: If you're the kind of person for whom boots will always feel a little like a Halloween costume, The Western just might make you comfortable. Brainchild of Charlie Levy and Tucker Woodbury, who previously teamed up for Crescent Ballroom, The Western offers a rootsy, unpolished antidote to glitzier Americana with regular, free sets from local stalwarts like Sara Robinson. Like Levy's other venue, it's a great place to hang out that also happens to be an excellent venue — national acts aren't the focus, but they do and will show up when they fit the theme. What makes it such a pleasant place to be is that you won't feel like you also have to fit the theme.

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I have to Agree with BOB.. i was like WTF (well that's fabulous) when I came in here.. I came to see Cody Canada and Jason Boland, and first they have Shinerbock and OMG that is huge in AZ.. and 2nd.. I was impressed by Cody and Jason, but was completely stunned by DL, its been a long time since lyrics and a singer took my breath away.. and DL did that Thank you introducing us to this! We will be back for sure, keep up the good work.. Love AZ, Love Texas music, and Love the Western!


They Have the best music in the Valley every week!  The also bring top National Acts and don't pump that Nashville Crap over the speakers all day and night.. They Have Davis Highway a great band, and D.L. Marble is on Sundays now Not Sara Robinson.. as amazing as she is, Marble is the next one to put AZ back on the Music map like Dierks, Waylon, Roger Clyne, and Marty Robins before him.. This is by far the best bar/venue in AZ.