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Best Place to Buy a Live Chicken Phoenix 2013 - Pratt's Pets & Pet Supplies

Pratt\'s Pets & Pet Supplies

Pratt's Pets & Pet Supplies

5237 W. Glendale Ave.

Glendale, AZ 85301


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Walking into Pratt's pet shop for the first time might catch your nostrils off guard. Well, there is no "might" about it — the smell of farm animals is not bad so much as it's foreign to the nose of a suburbanite. But get past that, because this shop is amazing — like a little zoo, but you can take these animals home with you. If you're looking to save money on eggs, Pratt's will sell you a laying hen for $20. A young hen will set you back only $12. But why stop at the chicken? Pratt's is stocked with other feathered and furry animals, including lovebirds, finches, a Blue Fronted Amazon, noisy doves and pigeons, puppies, a goat, gerbils, ferrets, bunnies, and pot-bellied pigs. They also have, by the way, a 10- to 12-foot Burmese python that — should you regret any of your other pet purchases — will gladly feast on small furry or feathered animals. Or you can just pick up some of the high-end and organic food and great pet treats the store sells for way less than you'd pay at the big-box pet stores.

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Pratt's Pets is a huge problem with contributing to our community's pet overpopulation problem. I have never heard one good thing about this place, only horror stories. Heck, they can't even correctly tell customers if their new pet is a male or female. And that python joke was incredibly tasteless. If you are trying to lose fans of Phoenix New Times, you have succeeded. Absolutely unbelievable.