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Best Place to Sober Up Phoenix 2013 - Philadelphia Sandwich Company - CLOSED

Philadelphia Sandwich Company

Philadelphia Sandwich Company

4225 N. Craftsman Court

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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Wanna kill the buzz after a long night of overindulgence in Scottsdale? Forget about sucking down black coffee or any other hokum remedy. What your body needs to help detoxify itself from the staggering amount of Jäger bombs, AMFs, and other firewater that you've been inhaling is cysteine, and plenty of it. Stat. The amino acid, which aids the liver in nullifying alcohol-related intoxicants, is founded in abundance in chicken, steak, red peppers, and certain cheeses, and thus, the various hoagies and cheesesteaks being served around the clock at the Philadelphia Sandwich Company. Though it's not a complete curative, sucking down one of the 24-hour eatery's chicken- or beef-laden sammies loaded with extra Cheez Whiz and peppers is sure to get you back on the mend. Plus, it's open all night and there's a billiards table, electronic dartboards, and other games available for play while you wait for the taxi to show up or your head to clear, whichever comes first.

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Recently saw a prototype Philadelphia Sandwich Company Mobile Kitchen... with state of the art sound system..Solar Electric.. and the famous Grill...This Mobile Kitchen looks like it will be rolling out soon...Award for Most Anticipated 24/7 Mobile Kitchen!!!