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Best Restaurant for Kids Phoenix 2013 - Casa Reynoso

Casa Reynoso

Casa Reynoso

3138 S. Mill Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85282


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Noisy, casual, inexpensive, basic. Those are typically not words we'd use to describe a fine-dining experience — unless the kids are along. Then you'll find us at Casa Reynoso, a family-run restaurant with roots in Globe and some of the best Mexican food in metro Phoenix. There's nothing fancy on the menu, but when your kid special-orders her tacos without tomatoes, demands that her tortilla be buttered, and asks for seconds on the refried beans, the staff will be more than happy to accommodate — after catching up with your whole family on how school and life is. Casa Reynoso is like eating at home, only better, because these people cook better than you do — and they clean up.

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