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Best Shaved Ice Phoenix 2013 - Snoh Ice Shavery

Snoh Ice Shavery

Snoh Ice Shavery

914 E. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85014


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Although it's been a ubiquitous part of Asian cuisine for hundreds of years, bao bing (pronounced bow-BING) the frozen treat made of finely shaved flavored ice, fresh fruit, flavored sugar syrup, and condensed milk hasn't always been the easiest to find in America. So when this stylish little shop of cool and fruity bliss landed in Central Phoenix this spring, we thanked our shaved-ice stars. Our favorite is the taro with mochi balls and a glaze of black sesame, but you can personalize your bao bing however you'd like: with flavors such as strawberry, mango, and Thai tea; toppings that include boba, kiwi, lychee — even Oreos; and glaze options of condensed milk, chocolate, and caramel. Very cool.

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