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Best Shot of Espresso Phoenix 2013 - Giant Coffee

Giant Coffee

Giant Coffee

1437 N. 1st St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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There's something so addictingly romantic about sipping a shot of espresso, cleansing your palate with the accompanying sparkling water, and pondering life's great mysteries while sitting in the open, airy Giant Coffee lounge in Central Phoenix. For local espresso lovers, Giant's Four Barrel Friendo Blendo espresso is a high point in a town of many great coffee joints. Two dollars gets you your shot and the side shot of sparking water, which is an unbeatably cheap pick-me-up. The thick, almost syrup-like consistency of the espresso paired with its tart fruit notes somehow make the perfect companion to Giant's flaky, savory quiche, which has been known to contain bacon, goat cheese, and pecans on certain days. That combo is sure to get you moving, maybe right across the street to the Phoenix Art Museum — now, doesn't that sound like a lovely day?

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Giant = Toolbags, especially the owner.   Uncomfortable furniture, music is way too loud, barsitas are arrogant a-holes, they barely do anything LOCAL to support the community -- purchase their beans from Four Barrel in San Franciso and purchase Straus milk...likely $4 a gallon wholesale.  Matt's Big Breakfast is way overrated too.  Vovomeena or even the Breakfast Club is much better.  I suppose this is all political anyway..What a crock and a shame.