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Best Temporary Public Art Phoenix 2013 - Luster Kaboom's FunHouse at Scottsdale Public Library

Whenever Dave Quan comes town, we know he's up to something creative. The artist (who also goes by Luster Kaboom and is a New Times contributor) moved to New York last year, but he comes back to his hometown every once in a while to paint a new mural or collaborate with old friends. In April, the artist came back with big plans, including a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall installation inside Scottsdale's Civic Center Library.

And the result was quintessential Quan. Titled Luster Kaboom's FunHouse, the installation featured circus-inspired murals and underwater scenes, as well as interactive dioramas, fortune tellers, funhouse mirrors, and a two-story interactive display. Quan said the FunHouse was inspired, like much of his art, by his two kids, Lily, 9, and Lando, 6, who were illustrated on the exhibition flier and banner posted at the entrance of Scottsdale Civic Center Library throughout the summer. And if we're lucky, he'll find another excuse to come back to Phoenix and inject a little more fun.

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