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Best Used Bookstore Phoenix 2013 - Lawn Gnome Publishing

Lawn Gnome Publishing

Lawn Gnome Publishing

905 N. 5th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004

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Labeling Lawn Gnome Publishing a used bookstore is almost unfair, because it's so much more. The brainchild of Aaron Hopkins-Johnson has hosted poetry readings, lectures series, musical performances, zine fests, and an assortment of other events since it opened its doors in February 2012. Located in a small house in the heart of the Roosevelt district, with brightly colored shelving and wood floors, Lawn Gnome is the quintessential quaint indie bookstore. The selection is smallish, but it's the perfect size for browsing; you might not always find what you came into the store looking for originally, but usually you'll find something better.

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