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Best Vintage Steamboat Phoenix 2013 - The Dolly Steamboat

The Dolly Steamboat

16802 N. E. Highway 88

Apache Junction, AZ 85219


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Cruising Canyon Lake since 1983, the Dolly is a replica of a historic stern-wheeler steamboat. At about 100 feet long, it's no Mississippi River gambling-and-vaudeville palace, but it has big smokestacks and lots of cheerful red-and-white paint. The Dolly's decks are a wonderful place from which to view desert scenery and wildlife, including raptors and waterfowl, but it's also a lovely, peaceful venue for watching the sun go down, enjoying an astronomy presentation, or just escaping the city for a little while. (Though we once attended a cramped and sweaty private wedding reception on the Dolly, and sometimes the drawback of a party on a motherfucking boat is the impossibility of escape.) Fares vary based on time of day, length of cruise, and what type of meal or refreshment is being served. There's also a cash bar, which is great — just don't be an idiot and get someone drowned.

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