Shopping & Services

  • Best Coffee Beans

    Roastery of Cave Creek (ROC2)

    One of the Valley's best-kept secrets, the Roastery of Cave Creek was started by Dave Anderson as a small operation that roasted estate-grown organic coffee for some of the best local restaurants. Chances are you've sipped this expertly roasted coffee once or twice without even knowing it. If you have had a cup of joe with your breakfast or brunch… More >>
  • Best Shot of Espresso

    Giant Coffee

    There's something so addictingly romantic about sipping a shot of espresso, cleansing your palate with the accompanying sparkling water, and pondering life's great mysteries while sitting in the open, airy Giant Coffee lounge in Central Phoenix. For local espresso lovers, Giant's Four Barrel Friendo Blendo espresso is a high point in a town of many great coffee joints. Two dollars… More >>
  • Best Coffee House, Central Phoenix

    Lux Central

    When Central Phoenix locals want to show off their neighborhood know-how to out-of-town guests, chances are they take them to Lux Central. Stationed in a nondescript building, this hipster hotspot houses a lively interior of mismatched mid-century furniture, typewriter centerpieces, grandma-chic dishware, and a seemingly endless maze of rooms in which to work, study, and socialize. Open from the wee… More >>
  • Best Coffee House, Downtown Phoenix

    Shine Coffee - CLOSED

    Shine started off as a retro trailer coffee shop that cropped up at different farmers markets and events in downtown Phoenix. Since then, it's expanded to include a permanent coffee stand just south of Thomas Road off of Central Avenue. Though the small outdoor shack still serves up some of the best pastries in town, like raspberry peach handpies and… More >>
  • Best Coffee House, South Phoenix

    Pomegranate Cafe

    Pomegranate Café is as much about fresh juices, teas, and gluten-free, organic, local and vegan cuisine as it is about the coffee — maybe more so. But that suits us just fine when we're in South Phoenix, because it's nice to have a cafe to go to when we want a caffeine rush with a side of über-healthy. The kombucha… More >>
  • Best Coffee House, West Valley

    Elevate Coffee Co.

    Coffee is best served with a conscience, and at Elevate, you can feel as though you're doing your part every time you buy a cup of java. That's because 10 cents of every cup you buy at Elevate goes toward clean water in Africa. If warm fuzzies aren't your thing and you're just an espresso addict in a rush, you… More >>
  • Best Coffee House, North Valley

    Luci's Healthy Marketplace

    Luci's Healthy Marketplace admittedly is much more than just a coffee shop, but it seems as though every cafe is nowadays. Part upscale grocer, part restaurant, part cafe, Luci's offers a lot of scrumptious options for the NoPho crowd. The coffee bar features freshly baked treats from one of our favorite local bakeries, Urban Cookies, giving everyone even more opportunity… More >>
  • Best Coffee House, Scottsdale

    Press Coffee Roasters

    Press Coffee is giving our favorite Tempe coffee roaster a run for its money by roasting its own beans, elevating the standards for craft coffee in the Valley to a new high. The coffee house, which was opened by local newswoman Tram Mai in 2010 in Scottsdale, is a bright, clean, and simple shop, contrasting other local cafes' sometimes cave-like… More >>
  • Best Coffee House, Tempe

    Cartel Coffee Lab

    In the world of locally roasted coffee, Cartel Coffee Lab is king, and there's pretty much no dethroning Cartel as it expands its flagship location. Forget about pastries and fancy flavorings, Cartel is all about the coffee, which is so good that other coffee shops in town have no choice but to brew with it as well. Celebrities, hipsters, and… More >>
  • Best Coffee House, Southeast Valley

    The Coffee Shop

    Holy tasty cupcakes, Batman! We love dropping into The Coffee Shop after chowing down on a juicy burger and crispy fries at the neighboring Joe's Farm Grill. The Cupcake Wars-winning bakery is not all cake and frosting, though. Grab a foamy, frothy, and nutty cappuccino, which pairs ideally with the homemade whoopie pies, and you'll see what the buzz is… More >>
  • Best Late-Night Coffee Experience

    Ethiopian Famous Restaurant and Coffee

    We usually like our coffee extra-large, extra-hot, and extra-early in the morning. But at Ethiopian Famous Restaurant and Coffee, the coffee comes pretty much in exactly the opposite fashion. The after-dinner coffee ceremony brings traditional Ethiopian practices to the Valley through restaurant owner Abebech Ejersa. For $12, she'll don traditional coffee ceremony garb and take you through the entire cycle… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy a Vintage Book

    VNSA Used Book Sale

    Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 15, and Sunday, February 16, 2014. It's going to be a weekend heyday for bookworms and literary fanatics who travel from far and wide to see what's been deemed worthy and interesting by the Volunteer Nonprofit Service Association (VNSA). Members of the local nonprofit spend all year, every year, sorting through thousands of book donations… More >>
  • Best Bottled Beer Selection

    Gilbert Convenient Mart

    From the outside, Gilbert Convenient Mart doesn't look like much at all — just your standard corner store, intriguing only in that it doesn't have a steeple, like the 30 or so Mormon churches that surround it. But walk inside and you may be struck with a religious experience. It's not the size of the selection so much as the… More >>
  • Best Industrial Vintage Goods

    Vintage Industrial

    In case you haven't noticed, the industrial trend has taken over. From restaurants and retailers to posh bars and personal spaces, everyone is shifting gears with their décor, opting for a style of mechanical statement pieces and streamlined steel furniture. Unfortunately, like most things trendy, it's hard to stay modern without looking mass-produced. Though it's easy enough find some refurbished… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Wine by the Bottle

    Total Wine & More

    Let's face it: Given the state of journalism these days, any reporter worth his or her salt has a plan B. And ours follows our raging thirst, all the way to one of the nine Total Wine megastores in the Valley. After all, we already spend an inordinate amount of our copious free time trolling the aisles, perusing the 8,000… More >>
  • Best Liquor Store

    Tops Liquors

    Locally run liquor stores are usually known for poor service and a small Bud Light-dominant stock housed in a sketchy, possibly drive-thru atmosphere. However, downtown Tempe's Tops Liquor fights every small liquor store stereotype. It took us years of satisfied drinking to taste-test the regular roster of hundreds of beers at Tops. From stouts to hefes and even mead from… More >>
  • Best Cigar Shop

    Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe

    After a long day wading the mire of Arizona politics, sometimes a cigar is in order — or, perhaps if we're working a story that calls for a more sleuthing style, a good ol' Sherlock Holmes-style pipe. Which is why, when we want tobacco, we visit Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe. The shop has a huge humidor for those… More >>
  • Best Head Shop

    Blaze Tobacco and Gifts

    Blaze loves glass. Other bong shops lay claim to quality; some can even back it up with what's on the shelves. Blaze is different. Its two locations, in Tempe and Phoenix, carry a shit-ton more varieties of waterpipes, bubblers, and pipes than your run-of-the-mill head shops. And it has better prices, carrying California-made glassware by companies such as Illusion and… More >>
  • Best Vintage Clothing

    Fashion by Robert Black

    book by its cover. In the case of the elegant, simple White Hogan building in Scottsdale, it wouldn't be wild to assume its innards reflect the shell. It wouldn't be incorrect, either. (The typically drool-worthy window displays might tip you off, too.) That's because the building houses Fashion by Robert Black, where you'll find the best selection of vintage clothing… More >>
  • Best Place to Learn How to Fly

    Altitude Aerials & Dance Co.

    In addition to being a serious art form, circus acrobatics has become a trendy way to stay fit, and in downtown Phoenix, this total-body practice is made accessible for both athletes and fitness newbies alike. Class levels start with beginner aerial yoga, practiced in a safe, comfortable hammock to encourage development of basic strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness. To get… More >>
  • Best Homegrown Boutique


    GROWop is a group effort. The RoRo-adjacent shop's owners, Josh Hahn and Kenny Barrett, work with local designers and makers to stock the plaid-painted bungalow storefront. That means it's a great place to discover up-and-coming Phoenix-area creatives alongside Hahn and Barrett's handpicked vintage pieces, like plaid button-ups, kitschy home décor, and patterned skirts. The pair also works with national brands… More >>
  • Best Online Vintage/Resale


    Bob and Mandy Russell are the father-daughter team behind online luxury fashion exchange Klury. The pair set out to make designer fashions accessible for folks on any kind of budget, and with their online storefront, they succeed in spades. They'll buy items directly from people's closets through an e-mail and mailing system that guarantees quality and label authentication. Phoenix-area fashionables… More >>
  • Best Antiques Mall

    Zinnias at Melrose

    When we hear the term "antiques mall," we expect to be overwhelmed — a wide selection, numerous vendors, and the potential to spend at least an hour browsing. Luckily, Zinnias at Melrose delivers. With roughly 30 vendors, this mall offers an expansive selection of retro, modern, industrial, and the increasingly popular grandma chic. Like an everyday garage sale, this Seventh… More >>
  • Best Place to Learn How to Take It Off

    Burlesque University

    Burlesque queen Kitty Victorian is on a quest to transform the mousy wallflowers of the Valley into empowered va-va-voom vixens of stage. And she's doing it one tassel twirl at a time via her Burlesque University. Based out of its studio within the historic Laird Apartment building near Third Avenue and McDowell Road, the school offers a pair of six-week… More >>
  • Best Place to Learn How to DJ

    Turntableology 101 at Cyphers: The Center for Urban Arts - CLOSED

    Herbie Hancock's groundbreaking 1983 song "Rockit" was a landmark piece of DJ culture. It introduced the art of record scratching to the masses while inspiring thousands of future wax workers, including local selector Jay "Akshen" Valdez. And its historical and personal impact is why he uses the song as the basis for some of the many lessons that make up… More >>
  • Best Vintage Denim

    The Blue Jean Buyer

    1810 North Scottsdale Road, Tempe 480-947-8245Looking for the perfect pair of broken-in Levi's 501s? How about a nicely distressed denim jacket? Maybe some beautifully frayed high-waist cutoffs, while we're at it? Jot Blue Jean Buyer down on your shops-to-visit list. Now. The small store packs in a whole lot of the everyman's heavy-duty cotton textile. In fact, you'll find a whole… More >>
  • Best New Vintage Boutique

    Annie Boomer Vintage

    For a girly vintage fix in downtown Phoenix, Andrea Engelsberg's Annie Boomer Vintage fits the feminine bill. Engelsberg cops to loving frills, pleats, lace, and delicate details. But the shop girl's eye for grown-gal style means the shop's stock promises delightful, not babydoll, duds. The bungalow boutique holds fringed flappery dresses and hand-painted wedges, plus kookier finds like a two-piece… More >>
  • Best Vintage Watch Restoration

    Vintage Watch Restoration

    We were rooting around in the family safe and came across Dad's old Bulova wristwatch. A gorgeous rose gold with a tinted, magnified crystal, it had been Mom's wedding day gift to Dad in 1946 and was inscribed to him with love. It was dead as a doornail, but how could we not send it out for restoration? We braced… More >>
  • Best Costume Store

    Easley's Fun Shop

    From Halloween to Easter, it seems we never run out of reasons to play dress-up. But when the seasonal pop-up shops are gone and all you can find online are sexy substitutes, there's one place in town that keeps the role-play rolling. Easley's Fun Shop has been bringing the fun to Phoenix for more than 60 years, starting as a… More >>
  • Best Nail Art Salon


    Let's get real. You're never going to get through your list of Pinterest to-dos. Nobody has the time to stencil cat patterns on her walls, make a lampshade from old dishtowels, and paint intricate patterns on her fingernails. And that's a-okay. Because nobody in town does nail art better than Scottsdale nail bar Terés. Whether you want each nail to… More >>
  • Best Beauty School Drop-In

    Aveda Institute Phoenix

    Ask any beauty parlor frequenter what her upkeep budget is, and it's likely she'll tell you that keeping up appearances can cost a pretty penny. That is, if she's willing to spill her secrets and doesn't give you the old "I just get plenty of rest and drink lots of water" routine. We call B.S. Chances are good that, unless… More >>
  • Best Spa

    The Spa at Camelback Inn

    Between Camelback and Mummy mountains is our favorite retreat. The Spa at Camelback Inn is the perfect place to spend a day unwinding solo. It's quiet. It's tucked away. There's no traffic. No TV. No phone. You'll just hear the sounds of flowing water and gentle, gentle music in the background. With the purchase of a one-hour service (which could… More >>
  • Best Vintage Boutique

    Vintage by Misty - CLOSED

    Misty Guerriero is a daring dresser. Pattern, color, texture, and shape are all to be played with. And if you take a trip to her Phoenix storefront, that's all you'll want to do. Guerriero dares her shoppers to push their style boundaries. Try a bold print. Give a powerful silhouette a shot. Put 'em together and you'll have something aligned… More >>
  • Best Pet Groomer

    Wag 'N Wash

    Does Fluffy need a scrub? Scared to cut her nails? Don't feel like expressing your best friend's anal glands (yeah, we didn't think so)? Then load her in the car and take her over to Wag 'N Wash, where the friendly staff will gladly give her a spray-down and tune-up. The Melrose district dog groomer offers a full-service pet spa… More >>
  • Best Place for Your Kid to Learn How to be a Vet

    Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

    The recently refurbished AAWL is a terrific place to adopt a cat or dog — and we're equally fond of their educational programs. If you have a scout troop, you can arrange for a tour of the exotic animal room (complete with resident hedgehog — they won't let you pet her, but still, cool, huh?) and if you have a… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy a Dangerous Animal

    Reptile Mogul Exotics

    Ever seen a yellow anaconda? How about a green anaconda? What about a false water cobra? The water cobra is six feet long, can flatten its neck to look similar to the Indian cobra (the snakes that dance in baskets to flute music), is slightly venomous, and is for sale in Tempe at Reptile Mogul Exotics. Owner Jared Ohsman has… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy High-End Antiques

    Sweet Salvage

    While the Melrose Curve is a reputable source of repurposed relics and midcentury marvels, there's one Seventh Avenue store in particular that has people literally lining up out the door. Every Third Thursday through Sunday of each month, Sweet Salvage opens its warehouse (now with A/C) to a swarm of trendy thrifters and antique addicts looking for the good stuff.… More >>
  • Best Place to Relive Your Childhood

    Arizona Collectors Marketplace

    Children of the '80s are guaranteed to dig the Arizona Collectors Marketplace. Ditto for anyone who grew up playing with Stretch Armstrong, the Six Million Dollar Man, or the original 12-inch G.I. Joe dolls. That's because toys, games, comic books, and other remnants of the era occupy practically every inch of this 7,000-square-foot bazaar of brightly colored plastic. Childhood memories… More >>
  • Best Vintage T-Shirts

    Cellar Door Vintage

    Yeah, that's a coffin inside Cellar Door Vintage. And, yes, there's a skeleton inside it. You could say shopkeepers Jake and Eyndia Ooley have a thing for bizarre buys. It seems to stem from the married couple's shared love of punk and goth rock — The Misfits, in particular. The pair also has a good grip on cool T-shirts of… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy a Live Chicken

    Pratt's Pets & Pet Supplies

    Walking into Pratt's pet shop for the first time might catch your nostrils off guard. Well, there is no "might" about it — the smell of farm animals is not bad so much as it's foreign to the nose of a suburbanite. But get past that, because this shop is amazing — like a little zoo, but you can take… More >>
  • Best Nursery

    Baker Nursery

    It's not easy being green — especially in Phoenix. Luckily, the garden gurus at Baker Nursery in Arcadia are here to help. For more than 40 years, Baker has been bringing some much-needed TLC to the backyard landscape. Offering a vibrant array of seasoned and desert-suitable plant life, from citrus trees and cacti to herbs and hibiscus, Baker Nursery is… More >>
  • Best CD Store


    Stinkweeds more than makes up for what it lacks in size with its music selection and online offerings. The small, independent music store in the Medlock Plaza (on the northwest corner of Camelback and Central Avenue) has been a Valley mainstay for years. In that time, Stinkweeds has stayed true to its indie roots. The store's staff knows its stuff… More >>
  • Best Vinyl Store

    The Record Room

    Strangely enough, that would-be dead-as-the-dodo retail outlet known as the record store is making a comeback. For evidence, look no further than this tiny shop along Scottsdale Road between Indian School and Camelback Road. We dig this outpost of vinyl because of what it's not: a catch-all receptacle for the kind of mass-produced platters you tend to see at most… More >>
  • Best Bookstore

    Changing Hands

    Changing Hands isn't just the best bookstore in the Valley. It's one of the best bookstores in the country. That's not just because of the books. And we're not talking about the gift section, although that's awfully nice. It's the people. From founders Gayle Shanks and Bob Sommer down to the clerks at the cash register, we can't help smiling… More >>
  • Best Midcentury Modern Furniture

    Modern Manor

    When it comes to Midcentury Modern furniture, there's not a shop that does it quite like Modern Manor in the Melrose District. With big-name designer pieces from the likes of Charles and Ray Eames and Arne Jacobsen (and the price points to match), the warehouse-style store offers space-age styles, super-simple mod pieces, and glam Hollywood Regency, too. Its owners have… More >>
  • Best Used Bookstore

    Lawn Gnome Publishing

    Labeling Lawn Gnome Publishing a used bookstore is almost unfair, because it's so much more. The brainchild of Aaron Hopkins-Johnson has hosted poetry readings, lectures series, musical performances, zine fests, and an assortment of other events since it opened its doors in February 2012. Located in a small house in the heart of the Roosevelt district, with brightly colored shelving… More >>
  • Best Comic Book Shop

    Ash Avenue Comics & Books

    Perhaps a trip to the comics shop sounds like a nostalgia-ridden adventure down memory lane. While it can certainly serve that function, Ash Avenue Comics is big on the now. With a solid selection of fresh indie books, notable graphic novels, and big-name serials, too, the Tempe standby eschews an old-timey feel for a selection that'll surprise anyone who's been… More >>
  • Best Art Supply Store

    Arizona Art Supply

    Online supply stores and national art supply chains are gobbling up mom-and-pop art shops at an alarming rate. Yeah, it's a sign of the times, but when it comes down to where we like to buy our specialty colored pencils, airbrush paints, newsprint, and printing plates, we'll stick to Arizona Art Supply. The locally owned and operated supply shop opened in… More >>
  • Best Vintage Comic Book Store

    All About Books and Comics

    Whether you're looking to buy or consign vintage comics, All About Books and Comics is the place for you. This Central Phoenix shop has a great selection of back issues of vintage comics, including Captain America, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, Dr. Strange, Superman, Flash, Mr. Miracle, Spider-Man, and Iron Man. Can't find what you're looking for? A helpful clerk will check… More >>
  • Best Fabric Store

    SAS Fabrics by the Pound

    Sometimes you need ribbon the length of a few football fields. Sometimes you need the little backs to stick teddy bear eyes onto a handmade doll. Other times you need pounds and pounds of glitter tulle — well, maybe that was just us. Either way, if you need all that jazz and you need it on the cheap, SAS is… More >>
  • Best Knitting Supplies

    Tempe Yarn & Fiber

    No use crying over a dropped stitch. Tempe Yarn & Fiber has your back. For knitters of all levels, this is the place to come not just to buy supplies, but to learn new skills. On any day of the week, knitting groups meet at the store (including one specifically for dudes on Sundays), and the friendly staff is willing… More >>
  • Best Running Store

    Runner's Den

    When savvy sprinters and cross-country junkies want the rundown on a great pair of footwear, they jog over to North Phoenix's Runner's Den. This locally owned shop has been a go-to source for running retail in the Valley since 1978 and with very good reason. Being runners themselves, the staff at Runner's Den are fanatical about footwear. Whether you're a… More >>
  • Best Bicycle Shop

    Landis Cyclery

    One of our favorite things about Landis Cyclery is the staff's inverse proportion of knowledge and conceit. That is, the guys and gals who work at Landis know their cranksets from their derailleurs without the accompanying attitude we've found at other bike shops. Being both street- and dirt-friendly cyclists, we have higher-than-average maintenance and upgrade needs. Real-wheel cassettes, new RockShox… More >>
  • Best Shopping on Grand Avenue

    Jackalope Trading Post

    When Go-Kat-Go giddy-upped and left its Melrose Curve digs, some big changes happened. First, the owners changed the name to Jackalope Trading Post. Second, they set up shop next to downtown's destination dive bar, the Bikini Lounge on Grand Avenue. Here, in their historic home, the good folks of Jackalope Trading Post have fine-tuned the theme of their eclectic hand-me-down… More >>
  • Best Shopping on Mill Avenue

    Meat Market Vintage

    In its second year as a brick-and-mortar shop on Mill Avenue, Ben Funke and Cory Martinez's Meat Market has further solidified itself as a go-to for hipster-approved vintage finds. That means Garfield engineer caps, teensy men's running shorts, plenty of cheeky T-shirts, and buttons emblazoned with phrases like "God, World's Greatest Father." Of course, it's not all jokery. The shop… More >>
  • Best Place to Buy Antiques on a Budget

    Historic District Resale Mall

    Looking for something unique but don't have much to spend? Head to downtown Peoria, to an antiques mall with an endless variety of goods at reasonable prices. These stores are packed with dolls, old-fashioned baby cribs, curio cabinets, bronze and Asian art, end tables, antique dishes, rustic furniture, and endless tchotchkes. Home to Home Furniture just opened its door between… More >>
  • Best New Boutique

    Cleo & Clementine

    Cleo and Clementine are the alter egos of designers Monique Martinez-Sandoval and Jennifer Wood. The two assembled the alliterative monikers as the name of their boutique, where shoppers will discover indie bridal wares and assorted fashionable finds. After having run Etsy storefronts Ouma and Mignonne Handmade, respectively, and gaining popularity in the online realm, the pair combined forces to launch… More >>
  • Best Boutique


    For some, good fashion sense comes naturally. For others, it all boils down to knowing where to shop. For both, in Phoenix, the destination is almost always Frances. The local boutique with a flagship location off Central, and now a satellite store in Biltmore Fashion Park's Union, is the go-to spot for creative gift-givers and trendy shoppers, offering an ever-changing… More >>
  • Best Men's Boutique

    Bonafide Goods

    From Greg Eveloff, the dapper gent behind super-sophisticated gentleman's apparel shop The Clotherie, comes Bonafide Goods. The city's self-proclaimed first-ever micro-haberdashery is less intimidating than it sounds. It's small and carries covetable men's clothing that beautifully blends dandyism with ruggedness. (And, yeah, you'll find a few bow ties.) With an eye toward upscale Americana casual, the shop specializes in such… More >>
  • Best Used Clothes for Kids

    Love Child Style Exchange

    We may never go to the mall again — at least, not till our kids outgrow Love Child. How about a GapKids dress for $4? Or Abercrombie & Fitch jeans for under $10? On our last visit, a pair of hot pink Vans had an "as is" tag, so we asked the clerk what was wrong with them. It took… More >>
  • Best Discount Store

    Last Chance

    Phoenix, we are the only city in the world with a Last Chance location. Yeah, you won't find Nordstrom's final-clearance store anywhere else in the world. And precisely for that reason, it's best to go in there with a plan, whether it involves finding that fits-like-a-glove LBD or a pair of deeply discounted Jeffrey Campbells. Pro tip: Always browse sections… More >>
  • Best Denim

    Hub Clothing

    Tucked on the top floor of Scottsdale Fashion Square is Hub Clothing, a boutique that prides itself on carrying the most cutting-edge denim brands the world has to offer. You'll find Diesel, Nudie, and Acme jeans, desirable baubles by Alexis Bittar and Chan Luu, and Toms shoes. Other brands Hub handles (that just so happen to be celeb faves, too)… More >>
  • Best Leather Goods

    Bison Made

    Premium leather accessories that Ron Swanson could get behind are the specialty of Phoenix-based brand Bison Made. And before you ask: No, their stuff isn't made of bison. (The razor strops are made of horsehide, though.) The company's wallets, phone cases, and sleeves are handcrafted at its studio inside monOrchid, which you can visit on First Fridays for a behind-the-scenes… More >>
  • Best Home Goods

    Handmade Riot

    Nicole Whittington and James Waldron work in wood. The couple crafts home accessories, postcards, and toys with a playful, colorful bent under the banner Handmade Riot. Most notable (and popular) are their floating honeycomb shelves — though they've expanded their shelving to offer a modular, trapezoidal piece called the Half Nelson. On the sweet side are wooden popsicle-stick coasters in… More >>
  • Best Department Store


    Sarah Jessica Parker famously told Vanity Fair, "If you're a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys. It's the decadent reward." We tend to agree, regardless of our long-harbored assertion that we are total Carries. The Scottsdale Fashion Square department store has a decadent reputation, thanks to stocking high-end designers like Saint Laurent and… More >>
  • Best Mall

    Biltmore Fashion Park

    Though not every shopping trip comes to as satisfying a conclusion as Kevin Smith's Mallrats, browsing and buying nirvana can be had at Biltmore Fashion Park — no shopping agenda necessary. With a variety of shops that'll entice and entertain, the outdoor center features grassy lawns and floral embellishments between such high-end stores as Escada, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Ralph… More >>
  • Best Retail Gem

    MADE art boutique

    How many shops have been on Roosevelt Street for so many years you've lost count? We can think of only one. We love MADE for so many reasons, we lose track of those, too. Owner Cindy Dach showcases local artists and craftspeople and supplements her inventory with smart books. She hosts workshops and themed exhibitions. Her shop has become the… More >>
  • Best Sign of Retail End Times

    Walmart on Campus

    You see just about everything on a big college campus, and Arizona State University is no exception. But Walmart? We thought for sure there was some sort of law or at least a rule banning such crass commercialization on campus — you know, like guns. But no, there it is, on Apache, across from a sub shop in a student… More >>
  • Best Shopping on Roosevelt Row

    GreenHaüs Gallery & Boutique

    GreenHaüs is one of those places on Roosevelt Row that gets a ton of foot traffic during First Friday. We find ourselves ending up in GreenHaüs' boutique as a way to escape the merry-go-round of art exhibits and — even better — explore the boutique's cluttered shelves for quirky gifts and maybe something for ourselves, too. If you don't have… More >>