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Charles Goyette attempts escape from the 9/11 nuts!

Charles Goyette: Yearning to breathe free...

KFNX 1100 AM morning host Charles Goyette continues to be an online hostage of the 9/11 kooks on 911Accountability.org. Goyette's name is all over the site; and he's still listed as a "confirmed speaker," though there's the word "tentative" beside his pic. This morning Goyette wrote me to say that,

I hadn't looked before, but now having done so, I see my name is all over the schedule of events as a host, moderator, and speaker. I've written Kent and asked him to take me off.

"Kent" is Kent Knudson, the ringleader of these local 9/11 nutjobs, and the guy who now says he's in charge of the 9/11 conference. He's also by his own admission a convicted felon who was being sentenced on Friday for shooting someone else's cattle on his property. More on that Monday.

As of now (about 11am), Goyette's name is still on 911Accountability.org. When, oh when will Goyette be free? Do they want ransom? Do we need to call Sheriff Joe's SWAT team out? Keep a pupil peeled, people. Perhaps Goyette will be let loose today.

PS: For ongoing coverage of this controversy, also see the tireless keyboard warriors of http://screwloosechange.blogspot.com/.

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