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A Shot of Scotch

Someday, a raucous hardcore band from Scotland will unleash its sonic fury upon the unsuspecting ears of the world. That day is not today, which is okay, because we’ve all become comfortable with the enjoyably pop of bands hailing from Scottish hamlets like Glasgow (Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand).

So what is it about Scotland that inspires the twee in all of us? Is it the landscape? The kilts? Who knows? But after Thanksgiving, once you've had your Americana fix, give a nod to the Olde Country by checking out Alasdair Roberts, a singer/songwriter who falls into the Scottish-folk class. Roberts revives old ballads, strips them bare, and makes them entirely his own. He once brought an anonymous chorus of farm hands to back him on a recent tour, making his arrangements both artful and authentic.

Sat., Nov. 24, 8 p.m., 2007


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