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Aim High

Local promoter Jonathan Valenzuela has some rather lofty goals planned for the No Ceilings Rooftop Party, his new weekly social affair and networking mixer. Namely, helping to elevate the Valley’s hip-hop scene past a glass ceiling of sorts (hence the name) and into the stratosphere.

“Every real local artist that’s ever tried to make it out of here really hasn’t made it out here,” he says. “They all eventually fail. They’re not making bigger than what they should be, like in other cities like Atlanta and Vegas.”

Since he’s shooting for the stars, it’s apropos that the event will start out on the rooftop of the Hotel San Carlos, before moving to the downstairs Ghost Lounge. Both locations will offer opportunities to “hear good music, network and share information, and help each other out.” There will be plenty of social lubricant (read: alcohol) to help spur the conversation, as free beers and vodka cocktails will be available until 11 p.m. Local hip-hop artists like Big Moeses and Vaee Da Boi will also perform.

Fri., Dec. 9, 8 p.m., 2011


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