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American Beauty

Not many fashion shows have the potential to thwart cultural expectations, but during Native Style: Where Fashion is Heard there’s a good chance that will happen. The vintage and contemporary pieces that will be included in the fashion show aren’t what most would imagine Native American fashion looks like. They’re largely without the go-to accoutrement associated with Native culture, so prominently and detrimentally featured in fall fashions from shops like Urban Outfitters. Those looking for fringed backpacks or “Navajo” undies -- offensive and phony appropriations of traditional design elements -- won’t find anything of the sort at the Heard Museum, 2301 North Central Avenue, on Friday, December 2. What they will find is visually compelling design, that really just happens to come from a group of Native clothing and jewelry designers, including Orlando Dugi, Penny Singer, and Patricia Michaels.
Fri., Dec. 2, 10:30 a.m., 2011


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