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Another Bad Religion

In our experience, local bands that promote the crap out of themselves with flier bombardments, MySpace bulletin blitzkriegs, and/or free CD-Rs aplenty turn out to be not so good. But Pigeon Religion, a Tempe-based rock-punk group that personally hands out oodles of fliers and business cards, is worth all of the pulp and pixel hype. The band’s high-octane music is generating plenty of buzz in the scene, and it’s shared bills with some heavy hitters in DIY circles, such as The Mae Shi and White Mice. In early June, Pigeon Religion will share the stage with the one-and-only Mika Miko, so you know these guys are good.

Pig Relig performs at The Slurp in Tempe. Prosthetics, 4Q, and Danish punk ensemble Hjertestop share the bill.

Tue., April 14, 2009


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