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Apocalyptica Now

If heavy metal cello group Apocalyptica is any indication, whatever’s in the water in Finland makes for a pretty heavy tonic. The band takes classical music instruments and sets them to epic renditions of metal songs, or melds them into their own booming, bottom-heavy compositions. While the group (consisting of four cellists and a drummer) initially started as a Metallica cover band, they expanded their repertoire to include classical takes on songs by bands like Pantera and Faith No More. But since 2000, Apocalyptica’s been releasing albums of original material, like Cult (which saw the band using more effects and distortion), and Reflections (which was the band’s first album to feature drums). The group’s album, Worlds Collide, includes a cover of the German version of David Bowie’s “Heroes,” with Till Lendeman of Rammstein on guest vocals.
Sun., Nov. 2, 6:30 p.m., 2008


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