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Are you Ready for Some fútbol?

The intrigue in the Mexico vs. Ecuador match? Shut, dude, it’s all over the place, especially if you’ve watched the fútbol at all over the past several years. Even if you haven’t, you can relate to Ecuador’s recent success. It’s a team that has gone from doormat (think Arizona Cardinals, 1988 to 1987, 1989 to 2007) to cardiac spoiler when it made it to the final 16 of the 2006 World Cup (think the Cards in ’98 and this season so far). Then there’s el Tri, a.k.a. the Mexican National Team, the darling of Latin American soccer (think the Dallas Cowboys), which has packed every stadium during its 2008 U.S. tour.
Wed., Nov. 12, 8 p.m., 2008


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