Arizona Rattlers Host the Utah Blaze

The Arizona Rattlers did it. Somehow, they may good on their preseason promise to make the playoffs or else all season ticket holders would get back their scrilla. Now, with a postseason berth locked up, their final regular season game against the Utah Blaze means nothing, right?


You see, the Blaze are led by a quarterback by the name of Joe Germaine. Remember him? Not only did the Mesa Mountain View High School steal a fourth-quarter victory from us in high school, but then the Ohio State Buckeye pigskin slinger ripped out our hearts in the ’97 Rose Bowl against ASU. Yeah, him.

Notice that feeling of universal inadequacy barreling out of your chest?

On Saturday, June 21, Germaine and the Blaze tussle with the Rattlers at U.S. Airways Center.

Sat., June 21, 7 p.m., 2008


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