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Art of the City

Latinos count for nearly half of the Phoenix-area population. Yet you don't always see the influence of Chicano art on Phoenix culture unless you hit up a dedicated Latino gallery --- or an SB1070 protest.

Connect with one of our city's most vibrant cultures at the 14th annual “Arte Latino en la Ciudad” show at Phoenix Center for the Arts. The exhibit features original works by talented Hispanic artists from around the state, including Maria Nancy Portillo, Stella Moya, and Manuel Burruel. You won’t find a ton of protest art here, but instead an eclectic mix of colorful nature paintings, Dia de Los Muertos-style skeletons and modern photographs that shine a light on the parts of Latino culture that don’t make the front page.

Mondays-Thursdays. Starts: May 9. Continues through May 27, 2011


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