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Bar for the Course

For centuries, golf has been a game of class and distinction. A gentleman's sport in which deals are struck and lifelong alliances formed. At least that’s what golfers tell us. But at the end of the day, a game that dull is more likely a chance for a bunch of rich dudes to get off-their-asses drunk while spending a day away from the missuses.

Now that the FBR Open is in town, we regular folk get to experience golf the way we want to – pissing-our-pants drunk at the Coors Light Birds Nest, which opens for business on Wednesday, January 28, at the Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale. For $25, we're hoping that maybe some of the class and distinction will rub off on us while we drink booze and listen to some great national and regional music acts, such as O.A.R. on January 29.

Jan. 28-Feb. 3, 3:30-10 p.m., 2009


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