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Bar Soap

Time to do some laundry. Groan, right? Rocky Yazzie of Phoenix experimental rockers Skinwalkers and Morgan Halas of The Lucky Sperms will gladly oblige anyone who thinks doing laundry is a drag.

The twosome has assembled a motley crew of musicians, poets, and entertainers for The Laundromat Show on Sunday, October 5. Call it a multitasking mini-festival, as folks who thought they'd just be tossing a load or two in the spin cycle will be hearing music by Porches, Ray Reeves, and Andrew Jemsek, as well as poetry by Aaron Johnson, Shawnte Orion, Barry Graham, and Rahim. There will also be some breakdancing and fun-guided tutorials, such as origami taught by Beck the 12-Year Old Origami God.

Sun., Oct. 5, 8 p.m., 2008


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