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Lovely ladies?: "An Evening of Positive Energy" benefits Body Positive and features the music of Kinsey Sicks (above).
Lovely ladies?: "An Evening of Positive Energy" benefits Body Positive and features the music of Kinsey Sicks (above).

Bawdy Positive

Sat 1/10
Whatever your plans for Saturday night, give them a makeover and spend "An Evening of Positive Energy" at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Benefiting Body Positive HIV and AIDS Research and Resource Center, the show features the Arizona debut of the Kinsey Sicks ("America's favorite dragapella beauty shop quartet"), who join Fashion Guy Lawrence Zarian and designer Fedor for a night of fashion and compassion and, of course, loads of naughty musical bits. Chris Dilley, who channels the beehived Trampolina, admits she could use some style advice. She's "sort of fashionably challenged -- though that's subversive for drag queens to say." It's okay: There's more to the Sicks than matching earrings.

"Four drag queens singing sublime a cappella harmonies get a message across through music and humor that men in suits can't," Dilley adds.

Come out for the evening: You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll accessorize. Tickets are $50 to $200, and dress is fashionably trendy. For tickets or more information, call 602-307-5330, extension 2221.

Tough Luck

Henry Rollins speaks out

Tue 1/13
Whenever Henry Rollins rolls into town with his spoken-word exploits, it seems that the Valley's male population becomes both a bit more intellectual and a lot more insecure. When the former Black Flag front man performs at the Marquee Theatre on Tuesday, January 13, you can expect to see plenty of Rollins clones in black tee shirts and jeans, clutching a book by Bukowski and a membership to Bally's Fitness all at the same time. The legend, as well as the fan base, of Rollins -- the new Man in Black -- is still growing after 20 years. For more information, call 480-829-0607. - Joe Watson

What the Kat's Dragged In

Have no fear there's a dive near you

For many people, the word "dive," when used to describe a bar, carries a negative connotation. Such people have never been to a really great dive. Liguori Lounge was one of the Valley's greatest, with its crooked pool cues, tattooed clientele, and a jukebox crammed with metal and grunge. When Liguori closed down, many a barfly waited with bated breath to see what would come next. What came next was Kat's, and the place has remained nearly untouched. Kat's has the same kitschy atmosphere of its predecessor, the same dim lighting, the same comfy barstools, and the same airbrushed depiction of Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe on the wall of the men's rest room.

"The floors are cleaner," points out Alex Moore, a bartender at Kat's. Be that as it may, Phoenix residents will be happy to know that their beloved watering hole, 2309 East Indian School, is still a total dive. - Justin Guleserian


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