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Bears with Us

The bears migrating to Phoenix this weekend are neither a super-hip, animal-named indie band that you are not cool enough to know about nor are they woodland creatures craving your leftovers/children. Nuh-no. The bears in question are so nicknamed because they're a group of husky, hairy dudes who happen to dig fellow hirsute hunks.

With a superhero, Legion of Bears theme, Phurfest 2012 gets fuzzy starting with 9 a.m. registration on Thursday, May 10, at Quality Inn & Suites Downtown, the fest’s de facto man cave. Friday’s furry festivities include a best butt contest and buzz cuts at Bunkhouse Saloon, and screenings of select Wonder Woman episodes at FilmBar. Saturday and Sunday promise dance and pool partying, and a stand-up set from Scott Kennedy and banquet at Rustler’s Rooste.

May 10-13, 9 a.m., 2012


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