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Bone Down

What’s the best strategy for chowing the most chicken wings in 11 minutes? According to Kevin Byrnes, General Manager of the Native New Yorker on Guadalupe Road and host of the restaurant’s two previous Battle of the Bone wing-eating contests, it’s simple: Breathe.

“A lot of people go all gangbusters right out of the gate,” says Byrnes. “When they look up and see only two minutes have gone by, you can see the, ‘aw, man’ in their eyes.”

While Byrnes says he won’t be ordering any extra wings for the Battle of the Bone 3 event (he orders over two tons a week, BTW), he will have a flat-screen television to accommodate the standing-room only crowd and plenty of water for the wing-lovin’ wolfers, one of whom will qualify for the grand finale contest for a shot at a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Wed., June 2, 6:30 p.m., 2010


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