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Who knew that Phoenix was home to so many restless dead people and alien visitations? It must be true; why else would we be hosting the first annual Paranormal Conference this month? The confab will, according to its rather spooky press materials, “bring the paranormal, UFO, and metaphysical worlds together under one roof.”

Yikes! Who can resist the opportunity to watch ghost-hunters and E.T. nuts come together to debate which is spookier -- visitations from the dead or from Martians? Or an in-person meeting with Paul Bradford of Ghost Hunters International, nicknamed “the MacGyver of the paranormal” by ghost-busters and their pals? Or the chance to chat up crop circles expert Michael Polani or -- say it isn’t so! -- amateur physicist and director of the Department of Demonic Research, Ronald R. Dressler II?

Aug. 13-15, 9 a.m., 2010


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