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Calculating Pie

What’s a social gathering without good food? The folks at Practical Art, the uptown Mecca of local art and usable wares, know the importance of grubbing while gabbing. And that's why their monthly ice-cream-centric meetups have given way to the winter weather-friendly Third Friday Pie Social, which will slice up heaping helpings of face-to-face fun.

At last month's gathering, an array of pies from pumpkin to strawberry rhubarb popped up, and we salivated over the pictures that were posted. Now the art space's website is teasing us with the possibility of a peach-meets-habanero creation. Come for the inspired deliciousness, stay for the friendly faces and a chance to catch up your holiday shopping for unique gifts that you won’t find at any big box retailer.

Fri., Dec. 16, 7-9 p.m., 2011


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