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Okay, Hallmark...we get it. You too, Walgreens. Now that Halloween is in the history books, you titans of the Christmas industry are trying to turn the page and drag us into the land of Santa. But before exchanging monsters for mistletoe, we want one last blast of adrenaline, the kind that only comes from having some dastardly teenager adorned in realistic-looking rotting flesh come within a hairsbreadth of plunging his chainsaw into our spine. In other words, just your average night inside the 13th Floor Haunted House and Zombieland, 2814 West Bell Road.

Most scare-slingers at local haunted houses gave up the ghost, as it were, after All Hallows' Eve and shut their doors. That's not the case with this North Phoenix haunt, which features two separate attractions under one roof and stays open through this weekend for those wanting one more fright night. Each attraction offers its own respective thrills and backstory: 13th Floor takes you through a secretive area of urban legends and unspeakable horrors, while Zombieland recreates an uninhabited cityscape overrun with the undead. Dour and demonic denizens lurk in both and are eager to meet you -- or eat you.

Fri., Nov. 2, 7-11 p.m.; Sat., Nov. 3, 7-11 p.m., 2012


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