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Catcher in the Wry

How do you tell someone that you found the girl you just broke up with dead along the railroad tracks? Was the breakup clean? If not, someone’s gonna be asking questions, right? Time to hit the road?

With tons of punk-rock credibility under his belt from publications ranging from in-your-face skater magazine Thrasher to various literary and political journals, author Sean Carswell (Drinks for the Little Guy) is making a significant dent in the modern cult American literature scene with his new novel, the coming-of-age tale Train Wreck Girl. The new offering from the so-called “J.D. Salinger of the Internet generation” is about a Flagstaff bartender who, following the morbid discovery, hightails it back to his roots in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The simultaneously comic and tragic Girl ultimately is the story of a man’s journey to find himself among the many skeletons he harbors in his phantasmal closet.

Thu., July 17, 7 p.m., 2008


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