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It’s never been easy – or cheap – to get noticed in photography, an industry where self-publishing a book of your work roughly equates to printing a business card. The internet offers ready access to self-publication tools, promising to help you capture a wider audience, but too many sites vie for attention.

When it comes to tracking down rising stars, photography buffs and potential clients hardly know where to focus. If only a photography reviewer and marketing strategist like Mary Virginia Swanson would deliver a presentation called, oh, we don’t know, “The 10 Most Exciting Photographers I Learned About This Year” at, say, the Phoenix Art Museum, then there might be some hope. Well, we’re in luck, because the author of Marketing Photos and Publish Your Photography Book, judge of international photography competitions, and portfolio reviewer at Review Santa Fe, Review LA, FotoFest, PhotoNOLA, and Photolucida is doing exactly that.

Wed., Feb. 16, 7 p.m., 2011


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