Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III, & Ghost of Falco

The imaginative mind of Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III would certainly make for an interesting place to visit. It’s likely littered with as many eccentricities and curiosities as the experimental noise “songs” that the oddly-named artist creates. Made from objects and instruments as disparate as scrap metal and violins, his whacked discography of unique sonic surrealism runs the gamut from dirge-like drones and warbling tones to quirky soundscapes that resemble a madcap mix of static and screaming. It makes for an interesting one-two punch when paired with Portland’s Ghost to Falco (his labelmates on NYC’s Oms-b Records and current touring companions) which also features a penchant for quirky instrumentalism and idiosyncratic sound palette, albeit mixed with meandering indie rock versus a cacophony of noise. Let it never be said that the cats down at the Trunk Space don’t book unique acts.

LaLa Lumberjack, Turnback O Man, and Du Pre will also perform.
Tue., Jan. 5, 7:30 p.m., 2010


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