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Crunk in Public

Unlike those dusty, old monoliths in Washington D.C., the divergent world of hip-hop has long since abandoned two-party partisanship. Thanks to the slow, steady ascendancy of the Dirty South in all its guttural glory, East and West Coasters alike have had no choice but to acknowledge the three-party system that now governs their hyperbolic, beat-laden genre. And long before Lil' Wayne was inking Mountain Dew endorsement deals and getting booted from Miami Heat games, Memphis Native Juicy J was hard at work churning some nasty Crunk butter that would prove vital in helping to galvanize Southern Hip-Hop -- ultimately placing it on equal footing with its coastal rivals.

For that Juicy J is a Dirty South icon, but to most suburbanites, he'll continue to be mistaken for a fruit drink. Juicy J brings fellow Crunkster Chamillionaire to Celebrity Theatre Friday.

Fri., April 5, 8:30 p.m., 2013


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