Death Gawd

Just about anything has a license to be extreme in the world of Japanese comics, especially when martial artists shoot fireballs from their hands and fifty-foot-tall robots are commonplace. Death Note is no exception. The comic is a dark tale about a Japanese high school student (and it is always a Japanese high school student) who happens upon a notebook dropped by a death god that can kill anyone simply by writing his or her name in it. Creepy, dude.

The latest incarnation, Death Note II: The Last Name, is a live-action film based on the Death Note comic that follows the path of the would-be god Light as he continues scrawling names in his little black book to rid the world of all evil.

The film will also screen at the following locations:

AMC Desert Ridge 18

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AMC Arrowhead Town Center 14 in Glendale

AMC Westgate 20 in Glendale

AMC Mesa Grande 24 in Mesa

Cinemark 16 in Mesa

Wed., Oct. 15; Thu., Oct. 16, 2008

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