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Elephant in the Room

Well, Arizona. It’s official. The Grand Old Party has gone so off-the-radar berserk that even us liberals can identify with old-school conservatives, who would absolutely not fit into today's political landscape as such.

Imagine a conservative from Arizona that wasn’t completely insane. Sounds like pure fiction, but at one point in our history, such a person existed. His name was Barry Goldwater, a no-nonsense businessman and five-term senator from the Copper State with potential to be president and not just a Jon Stewart punchline. True, he lost the 1964 election to incumbent Lyndon B. Johnson, but Goldwater's level-headed approach to politics is what makes him legendary. That quality is so rare these days that it's a little silly to celebrate it. Still, a great man deserves a great tribute, and Goldwater: Mr. Conservative, a one-man play based on the politican's life and achievements, is certainly that. And unlike our play about Jan Brewer, this one doesn’t involve green makeup and a prosthetic nose.

Fri., March 22, 7 p.m., 2013


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