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Epic Meal Time

People have been making up -- and living in -- dream-lands for centuries. Consider Neverland, Wonderland, Middle Earth, and Atlantis. Starting this Saturday, Arizona’s food-lovers will have found their Oz. Ditch the yellow brick road, wizards and, pirates. Get ready for a Willy Wonka-esque world full of affordable, gourmet food.

During Arizona Restaurant Week, the state transforms into a welcoming playground for foodies and fast-food aficionados alike. Restaurants ranging from American to Middle Eastern and Cuban participate in the annual event, offering patrons a three-course dinner menu with plates costing $20 to $40.

“I’m able to try a lot of restaurants that I wouldn’t have normally tried,” says the event’s coordinator Sarah Anderson, adding that the goal is to get patrons to try new places. “A lot of the restaurants are finding a unique way to set themselves apart,” Anderson says, referencing the improvisational cuisine at Posh or the beer pairings and Four Peaks Brewery.

Sept. 17-25, 2011


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