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Femmes on Film

“The gays have totally warped your mind,” warns Violet’s friend in the movie Violet Tendencies. Violet, portrayed by Mindy Cohn (Natalie from The Facts of Life), plays a 40-year-old “fag hag” struggling with leaving her gay friends to find a love of her own.

And a “stag hag”? Yeah, that’s addressed, too.

From the funny to the educational to the outrageous, the second annual Desperado Gay and Lesbian Film Festival takes the drama off the streets and onto the big screen with nine feature films and 19 short works (including a new student short film competition) focusing on issues socially relevant to the gay community, including same-sex marriage, repealing the ban on openly gay service members, and teen bullying.

Proceeds benefit the Paradise Valley Community College Rainbows Scholarship.

Jan. 28-30, 2011


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