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Fight Night

Apollo 12 moon mission: A lightning strike during launch meant that both astronauts might be killed during re-entry -- with absolutely no way to know ahead of time. Apollo 12 longform improv troupe: also absolutely no way to know ahead of time, with all the excitement and none of the life-threatening factors. The comedians bring that uncertainty to Bookmans Entertainment Exchange for Fight Censorship Improv Night.

Every September, Bookmans observes Fight Censorship Month, which, this year, includes the United States' 29th annual Banned Books Week. (No, Pastor Jones, we don't spend a week banning books; we honor those who fight the ridiculous practice.) The stores celebrate with story times, film nights, crafting sessions, and video-game marathons that feature endangered media -- or create new works ripe for the banning, as Apollo 12 will do at the free event.

Fri., Sept. 24, 7 p.m., 2010

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