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First Friday Fracas

If there's any sort of credo applicable to the First Friday, it would be William Shakespeare's well-worn aphorism that "all the world's a stage." That's because local musicians, DJs, and bands by the dozens will play in every conceivable setting in the downtown Phoenix's arts district over the next three days. Backyards, front yards, sidewalks, closets, or even on flatbed trucks become impromptu platform from which to serve up some music to the masses.

The law of averages dictates that not all of it's gonna be good. Just like with the art -- where every Luis Gutierrez or Jason Hill must-see piece will be outnumbered by dreck and detritus -- it's guaranteed that most of the groups dragging their amps out to downtown probably should've stayed home.

One show you don’t wanna miss is the monthly musical morass at Heritage Square put on by The Shizz, which will feature performances by Man About a Dog, Soft Drink, and Josh Watts.

Fri., April 2, 6 p.m., 2010


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