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Fleeting Success

You’ve just broken up with your lover, and feel debased because of how you handled yourself in the end. “I can’t live without you,” you sniveled like a rat fetus while sobbing at her door, overwhelmed by the memory of never having been breastfed.

We think you need a lesson in impermanence. As the Buddhists say, “Even the nurturing mammary runs dry, so do not cling to it.” Take as your sage masters the artists of the street-painting festival Via Colori, whose works will ultimately fade away without protest or grief. This year’s featured artists include internationally recognized street painter Melanie Stimmell and local veteran Sue Chenoweth. Other Phoenicians, like Suzanne Falk, Lisa Takata, Thuong Nguyen, and David Bessent, will also participate.

Sat., Oct. 18; Sun., Oct. 19, 2008


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