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Record labels that liken themselves to one big family go back to the Motown days. On the local tip, River Jones Music (RJM) is kind of like early Death Row and mid-period Roc-A-Fella, meaning that if there's one of RJM’s artists on a show bill, you're sure to see at least one other one, if not a whole gaggle of them -- as is the case with Owl & Penny's CD-release show on Saturday, April 3.

Owl & Penny linchpin, Ryan Osterman, worked with producer River Jones, Susan Fowler, Matthew Gilbert of local twangy pop-rock outfit POEM, and brother Thomas Osterman – who filled out vocal and instrumentation duties – to create the five-song Fever Dreams. Each track is a carefully woven folk-tinged tapestry that yields the spotlight to Osterman's earnest voice.

The Color Group-presented album-release shindig will include performances by labelmates You, Me & Apollo, Courtney Marie Andrews, and New Mexico's The Pioneers of Prime Time TV as well as Cale Jones, Saddles and Western Medicine.

Sat., April 3, 6 p.m., 2010


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