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Free Radical

Imagine you're famous for being an insensitive, lazy, exploitive jerk. Some contemporary artists find themselves in that very position -- their works earn favor because of talent and insight, but critics yap about "offense" and "misogyny" and "crappy technique," forgetting that every great artist was once a rule-breaker, dissed in his or her own time.

Time will tell -- but we choose to appreciate David Salle now, at the free lecture "An Aptitude for Metamorphosis" at Phoenix Art Museum. The New York scenester and world-class iconoclast will interpret his own quarter-century of postmodern painting, which spurred controversy galore back in the day.

Also on the program is Eric Fischl, an alumnus of Phoenix College who will present PC's 2009 Student Art Awards.

Image credit: David Salle, Angels in the Rain, 1998, (c) David Salle / licensed by VAGA, NY NY.
Tue., April 14, 7 p.m., 2009


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